Hello! We are Marnetti. We are the world's leading expert in procuring the most elegant clothes for kids.


Kids have a special place in our hearts. We love being around them and we love dressing them up no matter the occasion. At the same time, we also love fashion. Born and raised in Europe, we have seen how beautiful French, Italian, and UK influences are when it comes to the quality and type of clothes kidswear.


We were searching to build something that would represent our love for these two things. After much brainstorming, Marnetti came to be.


We have noticed a shift in how fashion is viewed nowadays. Before, fashion was a luxury limited to a few people. For most of us, we just select clothes based on necessity and practicality. There was not a lot of room for us to experiment about which clothes we love. This situation is more apparent with our kids. We buy clothes for them, but we rarely ask if they love what they’re wearing.


We want to change that mindset. We want to see a shift in the children's fashion industry. We are striving to create opportunities where kids can curate and share all their favorite looks on any platform.


We want kids to fully express their being and personality by the clothes they wear.


Marnetti’s focus is not just on producing clothes. At the core of our purpose as a company is the young people who wear our collections. We try to anticipate the needs of the next generation of fashion lovers.


We want our customers to know that there is something good to be found in fashion and that it’s an effective tool to express yourself with those around you. In this sense, we are giving our audience a platform, a nice tool or gift to express themselves outside the box.


The Marnetti Pledge


We strive hard to come up with the latest, most fashionable trends in kids’ clothing so that your kids can display their look to the world. No matter what your kid’s preferences are, we have clothes that match his or her taste.


We work around the clock to find, create, manufacture, and ship you the trendiest products. This way you know you are guaranteed to have the coolest things money can buy.